Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Epic Mealtime

Look at that. What you know 'bout cooking?

We used a little Jack Daniels. Just kidding, we used a lot of Jack Daniels.

These guys make me want to go and make something epically disgusting. So I did.

If you cant tell what that is, I'll tell you.
1 Chicken bacon pizza
4 Meatball Marinara HotPockets
2 1/2 pounds of Jack Daniels Pulled Pork
An entire package of ham
Mountain Dew Code Red marinated ground beef
A box of macaroni and cheese
12 Mini Corn Dogs
A pepperoni pizza
More Mac and Cheese.

All in all this cost around 30 dollars and could feed Africa. There was 5 guys eating out of that slice before we were full. It actually tasted rather good for the horror of what is in it.


  1. thats some nice meal bro! thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh man i'm really hungry right now, i would even eat that crazy meal...

  3. hahaha love this stuff
    Followed you, Follow me back!

  4. I'm glad you used mini corn dogs. Regular corn dogs would have been overkill.

  5. I threw up a little in my mouth, there. The "code red" marinade did it. Thanks for helping me on my diet!

  6. ...oh good god.

    mac and cheese though? mmmm

  7. i've heard of these guys before....they love bacon almost as much as me